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BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST 1200

Better taste and aroma

Reduces taste and odour-impairing substances in mains water. For enhanced food & drink.

BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST 1200

Fits your water’s needs

Variable bypass settings let you adjust to local water quality’s requirements.

BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST 1200

Protects your machines

Reduces limescale deposits, protecting appliances and reducing maintenance & repair costs.


Delicious coffee

Everybody likes good coffee. The secret ingredient: great tasting water.

Real savings

The recipe for success: protect your equipment – minimise downtime.

Proven technology

Tried-and-trusted expertise: excellent product safety and durability.

Baker extraordinaire

Better water means better baked goods. And a more profitable business.

Sublime cuisine

Only the best: enjoy excellent taste and maximum protection.


Cartridge recycling helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy to install

Designed for easy maintenance – and ease of use.

Outstanding quality

Perfectly matched filter components for a variety of tasks.

BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST 1200

Fast facts

  • Decarbonises water using proven BRITA System Filtration Technology
  • Reduces taste and aroma-impairing elements – also in bypass water
  • Allows coffee to develop its full aroma
  • Machine armour: reduces limescale deposits
  • Business-savvy choice: decreases service and repair costs
  • Ideal for catering, vending, and food service
BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST 1200


Sizes: 450, 600, 1200

  • Capacity of coffee/espresso/vending machines (at a carbonate hardness of 10 °dH/bypass setting of 40 %): 4,217-13,187 l
  • Maximum operating pressure: 6.9 bar
  • Operating position: horizontal or vertical

See data sheet for more details.

BRITA filter quality and safety

Quality & safety

Optimum water quality
Outstanding and consistent water quality – free of unwanted elements that could impair taste and aroma.

Maximum product safety
For uninterrupted operation and safe use.

Simple to use
Operation is simpler and easier than ever.

Test approved
The food safety of BRITA Professional water filter products is tested and monitored by independent institutes.

BRITA filter PURITY Quell ST filtration


Trusted BRITA Systematic Filtration Technology decarbonises water in four steps:

1 Pre-filtration
A pre-filter retains coarse particles. Further, with its laminar water distribution ensures optimum use of the downstream filter medium.

2 Carbonate hardness reduction
Filter medium reduces carbonate hardness to prevent limescale formation.

3 Activated carbon filtration
All water – including bypass water – runs through an activated carbon filter to reduce taste impairing substances.

4 Fine filtration
Finally, a fleece retains remaining fine particles.

IntelliBypass technology
The unique IntelliBypass technology allows for a constant by-pass water rate irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a consistently high water quality, particularly in case of low water throughput rates.


PURITY Quell ST Data Sheet (PDF, 299.798 KB)
PURITY Accessories Data Sheet (PDF, 273.549 KB)
Filter Product Catalogue (PDF, 3.056 MB)
PURITY Quell ST Instruction Manual (PDF, 6.798 MB)
Water Types (PDF, 459.137 KB)

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