Woman pouring a glass of water from a jug

Water filter jugs

Flexible filtration at home

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Benefit from less limescale, fuller flavoured hot drinks and fresh-tasting drinking water


With LED refill indicator

BRITA Marella blue


with Smart & Easy Filling Function​



XXL capacity with dispensing tap

BRITA Aluna white


Great value with clean design 

Filling water filter jug

Easy to fill, clean and carry

Enjoy a portable, freshly filtered water supply which compliments your lifestyle and kitchen design.

A sustainable alternative to bottled water

Using a BRITA product saves resources and helps to make the world a little better and more sustainable. Avoiding single use plastic saves you money and spares you the effort of carrying heavy crates of water bottles.

This is how BRITA filter cartridges give you great tasting water

Filtration BRITA MAXTRA+

Filtration in a nutshell

  1. ​Superfine mesh retains coarse particles coming from pipes.
  2. Powerful Ion Exchange pearls
    • soften the water
    • help to protect appliances
    • reduce metals like lead and copper
  3. Active MicroCarbon pearls made from coconut shells:
    • lock away chlorine and other odour impairing substances in its millions of pores
    • deliver pure and fresh taste​

Enhance your kitchen life!

Girl drinking water

Great taste

BRITA provides you and your family with great tasting, freshly filtered water. 

Effect of filtered water on hot drinks

Fuller flavour

Not all water is the same. Using BRITA will give you a fuller flavoured, better tasting tea or coffee.

Effect of filtered water on kettles

Less Limescale

BRITA reduces limescale build up, helping your kettle and coffee machine to last longer.

Replacement water filter cartridges

BRITA MAXTRA+ Pure Performance

MAXTRA+ Pure Performance filter cartridge

See product page
  • Pure and fresh tasting water tested according to DIN 10521 conditions
  • Designed for soft and medium hard water
  • Reduces: Chlorine, lead & copper, impurities such as pesticides
  • 1 MAXTRA+ = 1 month
  • Fits in all BRITA MAXTRA+ systems​
BRITA MAXTRA+ Hard Water Expert

MAXTRA+ Limescale Expert filter cartridge

See product page
  • +50% better limescale reduction compared to MAXTRA+ Pure Performance water filter. Valid for 150 litres.
  • Designed for hard and very hard water
  • 1 MAXTRA+ = 1 month
  • Fits in all BRITA MAXTRA+ systems​