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Benefits of filtered water

Yes. All BRITA filter systems help greatly reduce consumption of plastic bottles. Because they are highly recyclable, BRITA components have a positive impact on the environment.

The filtering process can cause a small increase in water's potassium level. However, one litre of BRITA filtered water contains less potassium than an apple. If you have kidney disease or watch your potassium intake for other reasons, consult your doctor before using a water filter.

It's better to use BRITA filtered water over tap water in steam irons to help reduce limescale build-up. However, for most steam irons with an aluminium base, de-mineralised water is recommended for optimum performance. Filtered water is ideal for irons with a chrome-plated steel base. If you are not sure what kind of iron you have, refer to your instruction manual or contact the iron manufacturer.

No. BRITA water filters reduce substances from tap water that can affect its taste and appearance. The process only partially de-mineralises water. Distilled water, in contrast, is fully de-mineralised. That's why filtered water is not suitable for use when distilled water is required, such as car batteries.

Mains water is strictly regulated and monitored, but may contain substances that impair its taste and appearance. A BRITA water filter can reduce mains water's:

  • carbonate hardness/limescale (calcium and magnesium ions)
  • free and bound chlorine (if present)
  • lead and copper

BRITA filtered water provides you and your family with the ideal basis for aromatic hot drinks, such as coffee and tea. It's ideal for cooking and effectively protects domestic appliances against limescale build-up.

Store your BRITA water filter jug in a cool place, such as the fridge. Also, protect your BRITA product from direct sunlight and consume the water in the receptacle within one day.

Water hardness falls into two categories: permanent hardness and temporary hardness. Permanent hardness does not influence water's taste or how household appliances work. Temporary hardness affects the taste of food and beverages prepared with hot water. Furthermore, it causes limescale deposits in home appliances that heat water, such as kettles, steam irons, coffee makers and washers.

By reducing water's temporary hardness, BRITA water filter cartridges reduce taste and aroma-impairing substances and limescale build-up. The result is great tasting water for hot drinks and dishes prepared with water, and less lime scale build-up in home appliances.

Questions about BRITA filter cartridges

Yes. The contents of all BRITA cartridges are food-grade quality and completely harmless, even if accidentally ingested.

No. BRITA cartridges are not designed to remove fluoride. Some fluoride is naturally present in tap water, whilst some water companies add fluoride to the water. If you are concerned about the presence of fluoride in your tap water, check with your local water supplier.

If properly stored, all original BRITA cartridges can be kept for several years. Proper storage means at temperatures between 1 °C and 50 °C, without exposure to direct sunlight or heat. The cartridge should also remain sealed in its original packaging.

Both the BRITA MAXTRA+ and BRITA MicroDisc have been designed for quick, easy installation.

BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge:

Simply fill a jug or bowl with water. Immerse the BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge in cold water and shake gently to remove any air bubbles. Insert the cartridge into the jug's funnel and run water through the filter twice. After discarding the first two litres, your BRITA filter cartridge is ready for use.

BRITA MicroDisc:

Before using the MicroDisc for the first time, place it under running water and lightly rub both sides with your fingers for approx. 30 seconds. This effectively removes any loose carbon dust that may be present.

The new BRITA MicroDisc uses ActivSelect technology to effectively reduce taste-impairing substances while allowing valuable minerals to pass through. Each MicroDisc is made of natural carbon from coconut shells and has millions of tiny pores. These pores trap and lock away unwanted elements. The result is fresher, better-tasting water.

The filter material of the MAXTRA+ filter cartridge contains a mixture of ion exchange resins and activated carbon that has been tested to food-grade quality. The ion exchange resin used reduces the carbonate hardness (limescale) and reduces metals, such as copper and lead, that can occur as a result of domestic installation. The activated carbon reduces substances that may impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds.

In general, you should replace a MicroDisc every four weeks for optimal performance. Many BRITA products come with a convenient electronic indicator that monitors the life of the filter and tells you when to change it.

To ensure you enjoy high quality BRITA filtered water, replace the filter cartridge at regular intervals.

The lifetime of a filter cartridge depends on the local water quality. If your mains water contains a carbonate hardness of 10 -12°dH, the filter cartridge should be replaced after 150 litres of water. If the water is harder or consumption is greater, the lifetime of the cartridge reduces accordingly.

The cartridge should be replaced at least every four weeks.

Don't worry, it's completely normal. Whether it's damp or dry has no effect on the cartridge's performance.

All BRITA filter cartridges provide high filtration performance while effectively reducing a number of substances that can negatively affect taste or odour such as chlorine. Additionally, BRITA filter cartridges are easy to install, set up and store.

BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge:

The innovative BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge provides up to four weeks and 100 litres of freshly filtered water. Its ion exchange resin reduces both carbonate hardness (limescale) and metals such as copper and lead. The activated carbon reduces substances that can impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds.

BRITA MicroDisc:

The compact and powerful BRITA MicroDisc filters up to 150 litres of water and lasts for up to four weeks. The technology stops unwanted elements that impact the taste of water, such as chlorine while allowing minerals like calcium and magnesium to pass through.

It's just activated carbon from the BRITA filter. The granulated activated carbon is made of coconut shells. Like all natural products, coconut shells are subject to natural variations in product quality. Sometimes this leads to abrasion of parts of the carbon into your filtered water. Preparing your cartridge as described in the product manual can help eliminate carbon dust.

Once the BRITA cartridge is full it simply stops filtering. It does not leak impurities back into the filtered water.

Questions about BRITA products

Yes, most of our jugs are dishwasher-safe up to 50°C. Alternatively, you can wash your BRITA jug by hand using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Please see the instruction manual for more information.

The following BRITA products/components are not dishwasher safe. Please clean as described in the instruction manual:

  • BRITA fill&enjoy Fun
  • Marella, Aluna & Navelia lid

BRITA MEMO, METER and Smart Light: remove from the lid before placing lid in the dishwasher

All BRITA materials in contact with water do not contain polycarbonate and therefore do not release BPA. Additionally, materials used in BRITA appliances are certified food grade quality. This includes migration tests according to EC legislation. Accordingly, there is no migration of forbidden/dangerous substances above the levels set by the EC.

Yes. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can pass through the innovative MicroDisc activated carbon filter. It's designed to reduce contaminants that impair drinking water's odour and taste.

Your fill&serve Mind is designed to improve tap water's taste for cold consumption. You can also use the filtered water to make hot drinks, but it does not protect your appliances against limescale build-up.

Yes. It's quick and easy to do. Simply follow these four steps:

  1. Unlock the cartridge using the two blue levers on the sides of cartridge head. No need to turn off your mains water: there is an automatic shut off valve in the cartridge head.
  2. Release the pressure using the flush valve. After doing so, remember to close the valve again.
  3. Pull out the old cartridge and replace with a new one.
  4. Lock the cartridge in place.

Please filter cold water only for optimum performance. The unfiltered water settings may be used with hot water.

Yes. BRITA waterbars are easy to install and instructions are provided with product. For best results, we recommend using a professional plumber.

No, freezing your fill&go Active may damage parts of the bottle or the MicroDisc.

No. Your BRITA fill&go Active or Vital system is designed for use only with water tested as safe to drink according to legal regulations, such as mains treated tap water.

No. BRITA water filter systems are designed for use only with municipally treated tap water or with water from private supplies that has been approved safe to drink.

Yes. All BRITA waterbars come with a two-year warranty for material defects and functional errors that can be traced to faults in production or construction. By registering your BRITA product you receive a free warranty extension to a total of three years.

This applies to products currently sold by BRITA only.

The new BRITA fill&enjoy Style comes with an advanced new MAXTRA+ universal cartridge. The old MAXTRA cartridges do NOT fit in the new carrier.

Yes. It's designed to fit all standard refrigerator door shelves. Exception: BRITA fill&enjoy XL models. Please note that the jug must remain upright as it cannot be sealed.

Yes, the regular 0.6-litre size is designed to fit into most standard bicycle water bottle holders. However, the XL 1-litre size does not.

The BRITA On Tap is meant to improve the taste of tap water, e.g. for cold drinks, and to remove a broad range of impurities while letting minerals such as calcium and magnesium pass through the filter. Drinking hard water is not harmful not does it contribute to bad taste. The filtered water can also be used for preparing hot drinks or cooking but does not protect appliances against lime scale build-up. If you want to reduce the hardness of your tap water, a product with the BRITA MAXTRA+ filter or a BRITA Under The Sink solution may be a better choice.

Depending on which BRITA water filter system you have, BRITA METER, BRITA MEMO or BRITA Smart Light monitors your filter's performance. Please refer to the product manual for more information.

Simply press and hold the start button on the lid until four bars appear on the display and flash twice. Now BRITA MEMO will start the countdown. The flashing dot in the display's bottom right-hand corner indicates BRITA MEMO is working. The number of bars on the display indicates the remaining lifetime of the cartridge in weeks, with one bar disappearing each week.

You should replace your filter cartridge at least every four weeks. That way you'll enjoy optimum performance from your BRITA cartridge.

After inserting a new MAXTRA+ filter cartridge, press and hold the start button on BRITA METER for approximately six seconds. When four bars appear in the display and ‘OK' flashes, you've activated BRITA METER and your MAXTRA+ cartridge is filtering properly.

To determine the remaining lifetime of your MAXTRA+ filter cartridge, simply look at the percentage shown in bars on the display. Flashing water droplets that move successively from top to bottom on the display indicate an active filtration process. When the empty filter cartridge icon flashes ‘NEW', it's time to replace your MAXTRA+ filter cartridge.


You should replace your filter cartridge at least every four weeks. That way you'll enjoy optimum performance from your BRITA cartridge.

Simply press the LED button on the lid to see the current filter status. Each time you use the water filter, BRITA Smart Light tells you the cartridge's status with its coloured flashing lights.

The lifetime of a A 1000 filter cartridge depends on your individual water consumption. It lasts up to 6 months. Look at the cartridge's status indicator to see when to change your filter cartridge.

The filter lasts up to 600 litres (approx. 4 months, depending on usage) and can be exchanged in no time. The digital display shows remaining filter capacity.

The fill&go Active water bottle is available in two sizes. The regular size holds up to 0.6 litres of water while the XL size holds up to 1 litre of water.

That's because OLAP was renamed mypure. Find it online here.

Please call our customer service for information about where to buy the cartridge for the old BRITA On Tap. You can find the phone number below in the footer of the website.

Yes. Closing your BRITA fill&enjoy Fun when it's not in use ensures the filtered water stays fresh and clean.

BRITA waterbars connect directly to your main water line and replace your kitchen tap. This allows you to enjoy great-tasting BRITA filtered water whenever you want. Instantly and as much as you need.

We advise you to always follow the recommendations of your water supplier. If they instruct you to boil water before drinking, we recommend you first filter the water, then boil. When boiling water is no longer necessary, clean your entire BRITA filter system and insert new cartridge.

Both features are electronic cartridge replacement indicators which remind you when to replace your filter cartridge.

BRITA MEMO tracks the time since you last replaced your filter cartridge. Simply press the button to start the countdown. It automatically reminds you when it's time to replace the cartridge.

BRITA METER uses three factors to determine the optimum time to replace your cartridge: the volume of water filtered, the water hardness and the time since the cartridge was last replaced.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun is designed to save space. Easily store in your fridge to free up space in your kitchen.

BRITA fill&enjoy Fun is specially designed for small households with lower water consumption or for those with limited space. It also comes with practical icons on the filter. They help you filter the right amount of water for a particular use.

BRITA waterbars can be retrofitted to fit most sinks or worktops and require just one standard 35 mm hole. No additional plumbing or holes needed. The filter cartridge is small and does not require much space under the sink. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.