BRITA AquaGusto

A practical filter solution for coffee and espresso machines with a water tank.

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BRITA filter AquaGusto pad front view

Gives coffee a kick

Enhances your coffees flavour, aroma and appearance while reducing limescale deposits.

BRITA filter AquaGusto pad front view

Flexible & easy to use

Fits all conventional water tanks – no adapter, no assembly. Simply place in the tank.

BRITA filter AquaGusto pad front view

Helpful filter exchange signal

Set the exchange display and it notifies you when it’s time to exchange the filter.

Why BRITA AquaGusto?

Delicious coffee

Everybody likes good coffee. The secret ingredient: great tasting water.

Real savings

The recipe for success: protect your equipment – minimise downtime.

Easy to install

Designed for easy maintenance – and ease of use.


Cartridge recycling helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Proven technology

Tried-and-trusted expertise: excellent product safety and durability.

Outstanding quality

Perfectly matched filter components for a variety of tasks.

BRITA filter AquaGusto pad front view

Fast facts

  • Enhances coffee flavour, aroma and appearance
  • Suitable for all conventional water tanks, without an adapter or assembly
  • Easy for users to install and exchange, includes automatic filter exchange signal
  • Reduces limescale deposits
  • Available in two sizes
BRITA filter AquaGusto top view


Sizes: 100, 250

  • Dimensions (w/d): 85.1/25.8-115.5/32.9 mm
  • Capacity: 100-250 l
  • Position in tank: horizontal or vertical

See the data sheet for more details.


AquaGusto Data Sheet (PDF, 733.872 KB)
Coffee Shop & Bakery Brochure (PDF, 2.993 MB)
Filter Product Catalogue (PDF, 3.056 MB)
AquaGusto Instruction Manual (PDF, 899.54 KB)

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