BRITA Active water filter bottle

Squeezable bottle for fast and easy thirst quenching

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Discover the BRITA Active water filter bottle

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Pure-Taste-Technology: What happens inside the BRITA MicroDisc?

MircoDisc with activated carbon

Delivers a pure and fresh taste

Activated natural carbon made from coconut shells filters:

  • chlorine and other taste impairing substances
  • micro particles ≥ 30 μm
  • trace impurities such as certain pesticides, herbicides and hormones*

*as far as contained in tap water

MircroDisc preserves minerals

Preserves minerals

Minerals such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) pass through the filter and remain in your water

This is how the BRITA MicroDisc water filter gives you great tasting water

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Reduce single use plastic!

Instruction manual

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Instruction manual Active water filter bottle

(PDF, 1.98 MB)
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