Top Pro

Countertop or floorstanding model for diverse environments. Suits the needs of businesses and healthcare.

Product information:

  • Unlimited water dispensing unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling
  • Also available as Top Pro still version, dispensing unchilled still and chilled still water only
  • Precision German engineering for constant hygiene with HygienePlus option – trusted by the healthcare industry for 20+ years
  • Sustainability champion: R290 natural refrigerant and a CO2 footprint that is 86 % smaller than of pre-bottled water 

Top Pro

Countertop or floorstanding model for diverse environments. Suits the needs of businesses and healthcare.

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Discover more about the Top Pro water dispenser


BRITA Top Pro floorstanding and countertop model


Rapid cooling recovery for better hydration: compact aluminium cooling block technology helps to reduce unit weight and size while providing 80 l/h hydration for the well-being and productivity of your staff, visitors and guests.

Outstanding hygiene: BRITA’s advanced HygienePlus triple safeguard is designed for environments with stringent hygiene requirements, such as factories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, care homes and food producers.

Pre-set portions: at just the press of a button, the dispenser automatically issues a predefined portion of water for drinking glasses or bottles.

Safety first: automatic water shutoff, base tray sensors and maximum dispensing time.

Fast data gathering and analysis: get information on e.g. water consumption and filter capacity via the statistics menu.

User-friendly interface: with touch display and plain text – making it simple to monitor the system, adjust settings and retrieve information in various languages.

Different ways to customize BRITA's Top Pro

Specs & customisation

Flexibility of model styles: countertop for kitchens and staff rooms, or attractive floorstanding for offices, hotel restaurants, canteens, lobbies, gyms, production halls and healthcare facilities. Select the unit you need with a choice of touch dispensing or mechanical buttons.

Easy installations: countertop and floorstanding models are simple to install, there is no need for major remodeling of your environment.

Easy use pre-programmable setup for two portion sizes and water temperature adjustment for quick and precise dispensing.

Quiet and economical operation for low, conversation-level sound output when in use.

Stylish and compact with no unsightly tanks, bottles or hoses. The countertop model (278 x 530 x 518 mm) is plumbed in via your kitchen counter with filters housed inside your fitted cupboard. The floorstanding model (227 x 910 x 518 mm) can be mounted on the wall or can also be stabilized by a solid 7 kg floor base plate made of stainless steel.

Tailored control access including the Easy Access Panel for barrier-free operation. The Easy Access Panel helps create a barrier-free, inclusive working environment in line with anti-discriminatory laws. The optional control unit can be positioned at various heights to suit the needs of wheelchair users.

BRITA Clarity Protect filtration

BRITA filtration

CLARITY Protect filter: for exceptionally clean and safe drinking water – every time.

  • Filters out finest particles such as micro plastics as well as 99.999 % of bacteria and 99.95 % of cysts through a hollow fibre membrane.
  • Effective substance retention. Substances that can have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma are reduced through activated carbon filtration. 
  • Potentially health affecting substances such as hormones, pesticides and drug residues are filtered out.
  • Removes coarse particles, such as sand, through pre-filtration to protect machinery.
  • Preserves minerals in water for the right balance.
HygienePlus icon

Hygiene & safety

Our end-to-end approach to hygiene starts in our production facility in Italy. A spotless installation by our service technicians plumbs the dispenser into your mains water supply.

Hygiene is our hallmark and comes as standard with the BRITA ThermalGateTM preventing external contamination (from touching, sneezing) with automatic 120 °C heat-disinfection of the inner hose of the tap.

20+ years of healthcare sector experience has evolved into the BRITA HygienePlus option with our proven three-zone-protection, including the CLARITY Safe X3 offering the highest level of hygiene:

  1. A bacteria and cyst retaining inlet filter which additionally reduces substances that could impair taste and odour.
  2. The CLARITY Safe X3 filter for excellent water quality that fulfils highest drinking water standards and filters 99.99999 % of bacteria to ensure a reliably safe drinking water experience.
  3. The BRITA ThermalGateTM then shields the tap against external contamination at peak times, nights and weekends.

Regular and thorough maintenance is essential to ensure appropriate hygiene. Our dispensers are serviced 1-2 times a year as standard. Cleaning products are also available and complete the journey of hygienic manufacture to accurate maintenance.   


Top Pro Product Information (PDF, 4.208 MB)

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