BRITA Professional Filters News & Stories

Whether it’s coffee, vending, catering or hospitality - find out how BRITA filters could help your business


Top tips for protecting your profit and future-proofing your hot beverage equipment

Damaged equipment has a huge effect on stress levels for hot beverage professionals. These top tips will keep you running efficiently and ultimately increase profits. 


The secret to a great cuppa

Discover how water filters impact the taste, aroma and appearance of tea. 

The science behind great tasting water

All water isn’t created equal. Professional water testers help continually improve its taste


Calling all cafés and coffee aficionados

Discover the best way to provide your customers the best tasting coffee flavour while prolonging the life if your machinery.


Water composition from cloud to cup

There’s more to water than meets the eye. Explore how the water cycle influences water composition and how it reacts to coffee