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BRITA. Tastes As Good As The Bottled Stuff*.

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Pure tasting water**with BRITA.

With BRITA, you can have pure and fresh tasting water** straight from your kitchen tap! With expert Microflow filtration technology, impurities that may exist in your tap water such as chlorine, metals and pesticides are reduced.

The result? Filtered water that tastes as good as the bottled stuff, at a fraction of the cost minus the single-use plastic!

Filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

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1 BRITA filter eliminates the need for 100 single use plastic bottles (1 litre).

Single-use plastic bottles generate an enormous amount of waste that is ending up in landfill and waterways and in turn has a long lasting impact on our environment. 

BRITA MAXTRA+ filters  offer a more sustainable alternative to drinking pure and fresh tasting water** at home versus having to depend on bottled water.  

Filtered water for only a few cents per litre.

With BRITA, you are only paying a few cents per litre for pure tasting water** making this a very economical solution for filtered water at home! 

Say NO to single-use plastic

MAXTRA Packaging

MAXTRA+ Pure Performance.

MAXTRA+ Pure Performance uses superior Microflow filter technology, to reduce impurities*** such as chlorine, metals like lead and copper, pesticides and minerals causing limescale build up in domestic appliances. 

With a BRITA water filter jug, activated carbon pearls and ion exchange pearls work together to transform tap water to pure tasting water**! 

Replacing the MAXTRA+ filter once a month ensures optimal filtration for your drinking water.  

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